About Whitaker Fine Homes

Garry Whitaker Owner Contractor

The best way to determine if Whitaker Fine Homes is right for your project is to pick up the phone and call Garry himself. He’ll be happy to discuss your project, answer any questions and even refer you on to Whitaker clients who can provide a referral.


Hands-on Oversight – Garry Whitaker or Site Supervisor Clinton Whitaker will be on site until completion of the project. 

Quality Materials – Your home is made up of many big and small decisions. We will help you choose the right materials and fixtures for each part of the project.

Fine Workmanship – We have the region’s most skilled and professional craftsmen who work as a team to ensure everything is done right, down to the smallest detail.

On-time Completion – We order materials on time to avoid waits and we plan the project so there are minimal delays.

No Cost Surprises – Our knowledge and experience are key assets when it comes to complete and accurate estimates that let you know upfront what the costs will be.



We encourage our homeowners to be as involved in the building process as they want. We know that you will have questions, and we will always be available to answer them. If anything should require your attention, we will let you know right away, keeping those lines of communication open for a better home building experience.


When you choose to work with Whitaker Construction, you can count on quality throughout — where you can see it as well as where you can’t. Our homes are full of beautiful details and the custom touches that make a house a home. We also pride ourselves on building homes that are built to last and easy to maintain.


Whitaker Fine Homes

Construction Contractor
Duncan, BC V9L 6J9

Telephone: 250-748-8351

Email: garry@whitakerconstruction.ca